Slightly Mad Studios has announced Project CARS On Demand, a program to download content that promises to provide free updates throughout 2015. The study says that with Project CARS On Demand to improve the gaming experience through upgrades and offer players new vehicles and decorations for their vehicles. According to Slightly Mad, Project CARS On Demand program was created to keep updated with quality content and to allow game players to access new content without being tied to a payment

Of course, Project CARS DLCs also have to pay as the iconic car pack launch trailer which you can see above. This package adds iconic Bentley cars to the list of manufacturers with models Project CARS Bentley Speed 8 and Continental GT3, and also allow us to enjoy various GT models of Mercedes-Benz and McLaren. Racing Icons package is now available for Porject CARS in PS4, Xbox One and PC at a price of 2.99 euros. Here we leave you with our analysis of Project CARS.

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Five Most Noteworthy Mad Men Cars

Showing the lives of the crazy Ad men and women of Madison Avenue and the 1960s culture, the prolific Mad-Men television show tackled both bulbous and controversial cultural issues. However, the show also depicted the might of the American Auto Industry, showcasing not only iconic but classic American cars.

With four Golden Globes and 15 Emmy Awards under its sleeve, the 92 episode, seven season series centres on the life of an Ad Man (Don Draper). Not just an Ad personality, but also a car enthusiast whose career keeps on soaring.

The question is; which cars elicited interest from the award winning Series?


As the make of car depict the kind of role you are playing, they help the audience create a relationship with the character. The fifth season has Don Draper embark on a research rendezvous in pursuit of a suitable client at a Manhattan Jaguar Showroom.

The showroom was a Jaguar heaven featuring Jaguar classic cars such as XKs, 420G, MK2 and the breath-taking red E-type. Successfully signing the British Brand as a client for the firm, E-type Jags feature severally throughout the season.

1962 Cadillac Coupe Deville

After Don Draper comes out clean to a Cadillac salesman that he drove about in a Dodge, the former quipped that Dodge is a car to get you somewhere. Otherwise 1962, Cadillac is the vehicle for when you have already arrived!

After a reflection on his days as used-car-salesman, he purchases the 1962 Cadillac Coupe as a signature of his rise in the Agency. He doesn’t even take out the car for a test drive.

Lincoln Continental

Bringing the best years of the 1960s, the Lincoln Continental is a car that features heavily in the first three seasons. Moreover, in the third season, a Lincoln Continental is the link that helps form the bond between Grandpa Gene (Betty Draper’s father) and his granddaughter Sally Draper.

Granddad allows; Sally to drive around the neighbourhood in the family’s 1961 Lincoln Continental. He works the pedals though!

1971 Chevy Vega

In the Series’ sixth season, the main character, Don Draper works his heart out to land a Chevrolet account for a prototype. The prototype goes by the code XP-887, which is later named as Chevy Vega.

The thing is, in the ordinary life we lead, and the Chevy Vega won the 1971 Motor Trend Car of the year. Unfortunately, it didn’t celebrate the good for long as six years of recalls it was written as a horrendous car thanks to the rust prone body and rampant engine fires.

1989 Chevy Camaro Z-28

A car that in the series had an unfortunate life rather. Make its debut in the sixth season, the elegant Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 saw two executives in the series (Pete Campbell and Bob Benson), enter into a heated argument.

Pete was determined to exclude Benson from a meeting with top General Motors Executives. However, his plan didn’t materialize, and events saw him drive the Camaro. He, unfortunately, rammed it into a display proving that he wasn’t able to drive a stick-shift vehicle, obviously upsetting the GM executives.

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